Women Against the Coup: 123 women killed, 1957 detained, 20 raped, 115 forcibly disappeared

July 4, 2016

In the latest report published by Women Against the Coup, the organisation published statistics of the latest military government abuses against Egyptian women to mark the third anniversary of the military coup of July 3, 2013.

The number of deaths, according to the report, has reached 123, while the number of women currently detained in prisons and detention centres is now 40, out of 1957 who have been arrested during the three years of military ruling.

The report states that 20 women have been subjected to rape within places of detention, and the number of women who have been subjected to enforced disappearance has reached 115, with 11 cases currently disappeared.

The report added that seven women are currently facing trials in military courts, with the total number of those tried in military courts 23, with 10 sentenced in absentia and one while present, named Heba Qishta.

According to the report, two women were sentenced to death in absentia, while the number of those sentenced while present is 15.

The report concluded that the total number of violations against women since the coup of July 3, 2013, has reached 927.

women against coup

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