Warden of Abu Hamaad police centre threatens detainees with murder

June 29, 2016

Warden of the Abu Hamaad police centre in Sharqiyya threatened detainees with murder on June 28, after they entered a hunger strike on June 27 to protest against the abuse and deliberate neglect by the prison management, EgyptWatch has heard. A number of detainees have also been placed in solitary confinement have reported force used against them and their personal belongings confiscated.

Families of the detainees said that the Warden of the police centre threatened to kill the detainees after 20 of them were deported to an unknown destination on the night of June 24 after they announced they would go on a hunger strike to protest the abuses and illegal practices perpetrated against them.

A number of detainees at Abu Hamaad police centre had suffered episodes of fainting en masse as a result of power outages, no ventilations or extractors, with the overcrowding of cells with detainees, whilst the prison administration has ignored all calls for help by the detainees. This is a reflection of the slow death policy that has been occurring across many prisons in Egypt.

Families of the detainees in Abu Hamaad hold both the Warden of the centre and the Sharqiyya security and interior minister responsibility for the health and safety of their detained beloved. They appeal to human rights organisations to intervene to lift the injustice inflicted upon them.

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