Two brothers tortured and denied food and drink while forcibly disappeared

June 15, 2016

EgyptWatch has learnt of the enforced disappearance and sentencing of the siblings Mahmoud Ahmed el-Samni and Osama Ahmed el-Samni. The brothers were arrested on June 6 in al-Baheira and were forcibly disappeared for four days during which they were subjected to torture and electrocution according to their Mother. Mahmoud, a diploma student, and Osama, a secondary school student, were also denied any food or drink during their enforced disappearance. The effect of torture and trauma was evident on the brothers when they appeared before prosecution.

The Mother said that Mahmoud was given a new charge by prosecution on June 14 after he was presented again. His brother Osama’s many charges amount to a sentencing of 100 years imprisonment.

The brothers are the sons of Ahmed el-Samni who was arrested three years ago and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

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