A student forcibly disapearaed after being sentenced to 29 years in absentia

June 17, 2016

عبدالمنعم-الشافعى-150x150Security forces have withheld the place of detention of Abdel-Moneim Khaled Abdullah El-Shafei, a student at the Faculty of Arabic language at the Zagazig branch of Al-Azhar University, since his arrest on June 6.

EgyptWatch has learnt that several sentences have been issued to Abdel-Moneim on several charges including joining an illegal group, seeking to overthrow the government, disturbing public peace, joining committees aimed at targeting police and army officers, bombing electricity transformers, and burning a car.

The sentences of 15 years imprisonment was issued to him in absentia, as was the military sentence of 7 years, and the final sentence of 7 years imprisonment was also issued in absentia.

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