Sister of a detained student says: “What have they done to you for you not to remember your mother?”

July 14, 2016

After the referral of Abu Bakr Abdul Majeed Shafie to Forensic Medicine after suffering a mental disorder while detained, his sister wrote: “What have they done to you darling? What have they done to you for you to forget us and to not even remember your mother? What have they done to you while while you are still in the prime of your youth? Did they torture you until you became sick?”


The Cairo Criminal Court, on Wednesday July 13, had decided to refer the detainee Abu Bakr to forensic medicine after he appeared to be suffering a mental disorder as a result of the torture he was subjected to at the detention headquarters, EgyptWatch has learnt.

Abu Bakr was accused of being involved in the assassination of former Attorney General, Hisham Barakat, pending case No. 314 / 2015 inventory of the security of the state. He was being tortured so as to force him to confess to his participation in the murder.

The court also decided to refer the 20 other defendants in the same case, to forensics for a check-up of their health following the torture they were subjected to by the security services. This was at the request of the defence, and it was also decided that the hearing of the case would be adjourned July 31.

Abu Bakr was a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Engineering at Zagazig University. He was arrested from his home in Sharqiyya on February 25, 2016.

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