“Save us!” a prisoner from the annex prison of Wadi Natrun pleads

June 15, 2016

EgyptWatch has accessed a letter from a detainee of the annex prison of Wadi Natrun that details the suffering of detainees due to the ill-treatment being meted out to them by the prison administration. Among the challenges faced by them is the allotting of more than 24 individuals to a single room and a failing health care system which is further aggravated due to a lack of doctors and medicines:


A message to whomsoever it may concern

Conditions in the Annex Prison of Wadi Natrun

Firstly: Ill-treatment of political prisoners and their families. Obstinacy displayed in matters concerning visits.

Secondly: No provisions made to combat the extreme heat and bad ventilation. Locking of cell-doors and accommodating 24 persons in a room which cannot accommodate even five.

Thirdly: Bad health care. There are no doctors, no treatments and inmates are dying in their cells.

Fourthly: Returning food despite the ongoing holy month of Ramadan.

Fifthly: Verbal abuse and indecent behavior from the head of investigation and intelligence.

Sixthly: Limited number of fans and ventilators in rooms.

Seventhly: Bad conditions of the cell, dirty walls and floors which are not even fit for animals.

Eighth: Food that is cooked for the detainees is not fit for human consumption – from the meat to the rice.

Ninthly: Families are looted by intelligence officers who demand bribes or else they return most of the food.

Tenthly: Save us from the head of investigation.


Ahmed Saad




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