Samhy Mostafa’s wife: “My husband said he will continue his hunger-strike to death”

June 16, 2016

Yasmin Sulaiman, the wife of Samhy Mostafa, one of the founders of the monitoring news network Rassd, described the suffering of her husband and his health condition inside Aqrab prison after her visit to him.

Yasmin, in a statement to Rassd, said: “The visit was only 5 minutes. He has become very slim as a result of his hunger-strike, and the level of his blood sugar has reached 65. He told me he will continue his strike until death because of the conditions he has been suffering inside the prison, where he is suffering from deliberate medical neglect.”

Samhy Mostafa had begun a hunger-strike in protest of the ill-treatment he receives and the prison authorities preventing the entry of any medications for him.

Source: RASSD

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