Human rights body: 43 violations against journalists during Rabaa massacre

August 15, 2016

A human rights observatory, Journalists Against Torture (JAT), released a report on Sunday in which they say: “Three years have passed since the sit-in in Rabaa al-Adaweyya square was dispersed on the dawn of August 14, 2013, and yet, the rights of the journalists who covered the events of that fateful day have not yet been met. There has been no serious investigations or enquiries by authorities, nor has there been any criminal proceedings to hold accountable the offenders of the largest loss of journalist lives in Egypt in recent decades, with the death of three journalists in Rabaa al-Adaweyya.”

The observatory documented all the violations that occurred on that day by reference to various press and human rights bodies, as well as communicating directly with relatives of the case subjects.

JAT documented 43 cases of violations against journalists during the dispersal of the Rabaa sit-in alone (not including the dispersal of the sit-in in Nahda square or other events on the same day).

Of the total violations on that day, there were 33 violations against Egyptian journalists, and 10 against foreign journalists. Violations were in numerous forms, ranging from direct killing or injury by live ammunition, to the confiscation of press equipment and deleting all content.

Three journalists were killed while they were covering the events in Rabaa:

  • Mick Deane – photographer at Sky News,
  • Ahmed Abdel Wahed – reporter for Al-Akhbar newspaper,
  • Musab al-Shami – Rassd network photographer.

Two journalists were captured on the same day and were charged with running a media centre in the sit-in, namely Mahmoud Abu Zeid (known as Shawkan) who is currently still in detention, and Abdallah al-Shami, who was imprisoned for nearly a year, being released on June 17, 2014, following a hunger strike lasting 130 days in his cell in Tora prison.

Meanwhile, there are six other journalists, who are detained in the case of the ‘Rabaa Operations Room’. They were arrested a few days after the dispersal arbitrarily. Four others were indicted in the same case and were sentenced in absentia.




Source: Journalists Against Torture

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