Prisoners at Damu prison declare mass hunger strike in protest against police assault of fellow inmate

June 23, 2016

Prisoners from Ward 11 of Damu Prison, in Fayoum province in Upper Egypt, announced on Wednesday June 22 a mass hunger strike to protest against the assault of a police officer, EgyptWatch has learnt. The detainee, named Sayyed Agmi, was assaulted as the prisoners were returning from court. When another detainee, a tax warden named Adel Ruby from Sonorus city, defended his fellow detainee, they were both transferred ‘for discipline.’ In response to this, all detainees of same Ward declared an open hunger strike until Agmi and Ruby’s return from discipline.

All prisoners in Damu Prison threatened to escalate the strike to include all prisoners should their fellow detainees not return immediately.

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