Prison administration refuses to allow a medical examination of a detainee despite deterioration of his health

June 23, 2016

The family of Dr Ashour Helwany, Secretary of the Freedom and Justice party in Monufia, have appealed to civil society organisations and Egyptian and international human rights groups, to intervene to pressure the ruling authorities in Egypt to save Helwany’s life and allow him the necessary medical tests and treatment he requires.

Helwany’s family confirmed that the deterioration of his health condition was the result of Tora prison administrations’ refusal to allow him to conduct the necessary medical tests, EgyptWatch has learnt.

Salsabil Helwany said that her father has been detained since November 24, 2014, after he was forcibly disappeared for 12 days in October, before appearing in prosecution with fabricated charges: communicating with the states of Norway and America.

She further said that the prison administration has refrained from allowing her father to take a medical examination. Before his arrest, Dr Helwany had just undergone surgery on his sinuses and was suffering from chest and heart problems. He was also recently diagnosed with diabetes and was suffering from hearing and sight impairment.

Salsabil explained that her father requires check-ups, X-Rays and ECG, but the court and prison administration refuse to allow him to undergo a medical examination despite the deterioration of his health.

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