Power failure in Hehia police station threatening the safety of inmates

June 27, 2016

Detainees in Hehia police station in Sharqiya have collectively been affected as a result of power failure for the second day in a row, EgyptWatch has learnt. The power failure has caused air extractors and ventilations to halt, leading to many cases of detainees fainting and suffocating, and threatening the safety of all.

Witnesses from among the families of the detainees have said they heard shouts and cries of distress from the detainees inside their cells grow upon hearing passers-by, without any reaction by the officials present at the police station, raising concerns on the health of the detainees under these suffocating conditions.

The number of detainees which the cells can accommodate is 10, yet the prison authorities have been housing 24 detainees in each cell. This is causing suffering among the inmates, particularly those who have chronic diseases and the elderly.


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