Police officer assaults a student at Wadi Natrun prison for refusing to strip naked

June 23, 2016

A police officer has assaulted a detained student at Wadi Natrun prison for refusing to strip naked, a human rights organisation reported.

On Tuesday, according to the Shehab Centre for Human Rights, an argument broke out between two inmates; one of them is Khaled Abdelhamid, a secondary school student. An officer, Rami, intervened and ordered the student to strip naked and to prostrate to him as a form of punishment. When the student refused, the officer assaulted him severely and dragged him on the stairs of the prison.

Khaled had been arrested from a peaceful student protest in front of his school in Meet Ghamr district in Dakahliya, and had underwent torture for 11 days in custody, according to the Shehab Centre.

He was referred to a military trial at the Mansoura Military Court, case no.217/2015, on charges of “forming a terrorist cell aiming at blocking roads”, which he denied. He is now serving a three-year jail sentence.

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