Police assault student prisoners inside court in Alexandria injuring 9 seriously

June 22, 2016

Egyptian police forces attacked and beat detained students jailed in Borg al-Arab, EgyptWatch has learned. This was upon their arrival at the Naval Courts in Alexandria. Nine were seriously injured and were taken to Miri General Hospital.

Two-hundred prisoners at Borg al-Arab had announced an indefinite hunger strike days ago in protest against the abuses they suffer by the prison administration. They endured repeated attacks and had food and drink prevented from them during the holy month of Ramadan. They also had electricity and water cut off despite the intense heat.

The legal committee at the Arab African Center for Freedom and Human Rights and the detainees’ families presented today 30 complaints to the Attorney General of Prosecutions, west of Alexandria, against the deportation officers who assaulted their families within the Naval Court.

Families of the detainees also confirmed that their loved ones inside the Borg al-Arab prison will continue in their total hunger strike.

Below, the video shows police attacking students with sticks and batons inside the court amid screams of their loved ones:

Ambulances in front of the Naval Court to transfer the injured students after they were attacked by security forces

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