New case of death by torture in Alexandria’s Burj al-Arab prison

May 23, 2016

A political prisoner died on May 21 inside his cell in Alexandria’s notorious Burj al-Arab Prison as “a result of torture”, according to a human rights group.

The Egyptian Coordination of Rights and Freedoms, a Cairo-based NGO, said in a statement that a complaint had been submitted to Egypt’s public prosecutor demanding an investigation into political prisoner Badr Shehata’s death “from systematic torture.”

Prosecution authorities “had refused to carry out an autopsy despite the fact that there were clear signs of torture on the detainee’s body”.

Shehata had had been sentenced to 15 years behind bars by a military court.

The Egyptian authorities have so far refrained from commenting on any accusations.

According to rights groups, 37 political detainees have died in Egyptian prisons and police stations over the last two years.

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