List of names of prisoners in solitary confinement

July 21, 2016

Ayedah Saif al-Dawlah, founder of al-Nadeem Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture in Prisons has provided a list of individuals currently imprisoned in solitary confinement while their cases remain pending in courts. They have been tortured inside their places of confinement throughout the duration of imprisonment which, in some cases, has stretched for as long as three years’ solitary confinement. The report has been titled ‘Solitary confinement is a form of torture which does not leave behind signs on the body.’

The table contains names of several political activists, notably Ahmed Doma: 3 years’ solitary confinement in Tora Prison; Youssef Shaban: More than one year in solitary confinement in Burj al-Arab Prison; Amr Ali: 10 months’ solitary confinement; Malik Adly: 60 days’ solitary confinement in Tora Prison; and Syed Mashagheb: two months’ solitary confinement in Aqrab (Scorpion) 2 Supermax Prison.

Following are the names of those who have been held in solitary confinement since their arrest:

1. Khalil Osama al-Aqeed, in Aqrab Prison since 15 December 2012

2. Mohamed Morsi al-Ayyat, since 3 July 2013

3. Mohamed Saad al-Kitatni, in the Farm Annex Prison since 3 July 2013

4. Hazim Salah Abu Ismail, in the Farm Annex Prison since 5 July 2013

5. Karim Ridwan, in the Farm Annex Prison since 16 August 2013

6. Mohamed Badi, in the Farm Annex Prison since 20 August 2013

7. Murad Mohamed Mohamed Ali, in Aqrab Prison since 21 August 2013

8. Ahmed Aref, in the Leman Tora and later in Aqrab Prison since 22 August 2013

9. Mohyi Hamed, in the Farm Annex Prison since 24 August 2013

10. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim, in Leman Tora and later in Aqrab Prison since 17 September 2013

11. Gehad Essam al-Haddad, in Leman Tora and later in Aqrab Prison since 17 September 2013

12. Basem Audah, in the Farm Annex Prison since 12 November 2013

13. Amer Masad, in Mansoura Prison since December 2013

14. Amin Abdel Hamid al-Sairafi, in Scorpion Prison since December 2013

15. Al-Husaini Antar, in the Farm Annex Prison since December 2013

16. Essam Ahmed al-Haddad, in Aqrab Prison since 20 December 2013

17. Amr Mohamed Zaki Mohamed, in Aqrab Prison H2W3 since February 2014

18. Abdel Rahman Osama al-Aqeed, in Leman Tora since 1 April 2013

19. Mohamed Ali Bishr, in Aqrab Prison since November 2014

20. Eid Mohamed Ismail Dahrouj, in Aqrab Prison since February 2015

21. Ahmed Ahmed Abdel Wahhab, in Aqrab Prison since April 2015

22. Abdel Hakim Ismail Abdel Rahman, in Aqrab Prison since 21 April 2015

23. Gamal Zinoun, in the Farm Annex Prison since June 2015

24. Hasan Mahmoud Ragab Qubbani, in Aqrab Prison since October 2015

25. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Ali Sabi, in Aqrab Prison since 2015

26. Ahmed Sharif Ahmed Laithi, in Aqrab Prison since March 2016

27. Abdel Rahman Biyumi, in Leman Abu Zabal 1 since 18 March 2015

28. Ahmed al-Syed Faisal, in Leman Abu Zabal 1 since 18 March 2015

29. Hani al-Syed Faisal, in Leman Abu Zabal 1 since 18 March 2015

30. Motaz Ahmed Mohamed Hasan Sabih, in Aqrab Prison since 19 March 2016

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