Journalist Samhy Mostafa starts a hunger strike at Aqrab Prison

May 24, 2016

Journalist Samhy Mostafa announced on his Twitter account that he has started a hunger strike in protest against the inhumane conditions at Aqrab Prison.

Mostafa, 27, is co-founder of the youth-run online news platform Rassd. He was arrested along with two of his colleagues on 25 August 2013, in the aftermath of the Rabaa Massacre. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on 11 April 2015. As of today, Samhy has spent more than 1000 days behind bars.

Human Rights Watch dismissed the charges against Samhy and his co-defendants as “politically motivated” and “blatantly unjust.”

Samhy’s appeal was accepted on 3 December 2015, and he has since been standing a retrial. Samhy was first held at Wadi al-Natroun Prison. However, on 2 March 2016, he was transferred to the notorious Aqrab Prison. His lawyers demanded his transfer to Tora Prison, but he remains held at Aqrab.



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