Irish Government to support fresh legal appeal for Ibrahim Halawa

August 11, 2016

The Irish government plans to double its efforts to free imprisoned dual Egyptian-Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa, who was arrested in 2013. Halawa’s legal team plan to appeal for his release by presidential decree under Law 140, which allows for the deportation of foreign prisoners to their home country. The government is expected to support the appeal through a letter from head of government Enda Kenny or Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan.

After the Irish Parliament submitted a resolution calling for Halawa’s release, Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal spoke on behalf of the parliament rejecting the resolution, saying, “Nobody can interfere with the affairs of justice or judicial cases and any interference will be considered a crime.”

Ibrahim Halawa was 17 when he was arrested during a siege at the Al-Fath Mosque in Cairo in 2013. He has been imprisoned for over three years, along with 492 others, in pre-trial custody since August 2013. Halawa’s trial is scheduled to resume in October after 13 postponements.

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