Eleventh prison in less than 3 years to be built in Sisi’s Egypt

June 15, 2016

The Interior Ministry have ordered for the building of a new central prison in the Qaliubiya province (north of Cairo). This prison will be the eleventh prison ordered for construction in less than three years, and the third this year alone.

Official Egyptian newspapers published the decision of the Ministry of Interior for the “establishment of a central prison which will be named ‘Obour Markazi’, which will be built in industrial area of Obour City, and will be for detainees from the Qalyubia province.”

The Egyptian Interior Ministry have built 10 prisons in less than three years around the country:

  1. Lehman Gamsa (August 2013),
  2. Lehman prison complex in Minya,
  3. High-security Minya prison (March 2014),
  4. Salihiyya in Sharqiyya (April 2014),
  5. Central Giza prison (December 2014),
  6. Nahda prison in Cairo (May 2015),
  7. May 15 prison in Cairo (June 2015),
  8. Assiut prison (December 2015),
  9. Central prison in al-Beheira (February 2016),
  10. Central prison in the Directorate of Security in Qaliubiya (May 2016).

Human rights groups have said there are over 40 prisons in Egypt, as well as 382 detention headquarters within police departments. Moreover, there are many secret prisons which exist in Central Security camps (security apparatus belonging to the Ministry of Interior), and within military headquarters (the Department of Defence).

Since the military coup in July 2013, prisons in Egypt have filled with large numbers of opponents of the coup regime, some of whom have died as a result of medical negligence and torture.


Document relating the decision of the Interior Ministry to build a new prison



Source: AOHR & ECRF

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