Elderly kidnapped and killed by Egyptian security forces

August 11, 2016

Seventy-year old, Mohamed Saad Abu Mahmoud, from the city of Damietta, was killed Wednesday August 10, after he was kidnapped at dawn by security forces along with his brother and son. The police arrested Mohamed after failing to find another brother whom they were targeting.

Eyewitnesses watched in horror as the family home was raided, with pellets and gas canisters fired by security forces to disperse neighbours who tried to prevent the arrest of the victim and his family.

Security forces arrested and transferred the elderly man and his family to a police station in Damietta. The family were shocked to find out soon afterwards that he had died a few hours after his arrest as a result of torture.

The independent NGO, Al Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, reported that during the first half of 2016, there has been 754 documented cases of extra-judicial killings by security forces.

Places of detention have also witnessed the killing of 239 civilians, the torture of 1,031, and the medical negligence of 597 individuals.

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