EgyptWatch calls for immediate halt of unjust military trial in Kafr el-Sheikh case

July 13, 2016

On March 2, 2016, the Alexandria Military court approved the death sentences for seven defendants in what is known as the Kafr el-Sheikh stadium case. The incident in which the accused were charged was a bomb blast near the Kafr el-Sheikh stadium which took the lives of three military academy students, in April 2015.

Of the seven, three were sentenced in absentia. Five defendants were sentenced to life in prison, two to 15 years in prison, and two others to three years in prison. The sixteen defendants were put on trial for charges of murder, committing acts of terror, and for belonging to a banned group.

The names and charges of those who were present in the trial:

1. Salah Mohamed Ahmed Attia al-Fiki (life imprisonment)

2. Farahat Fouad Farahat al-Deeb (3 years imprisonment)

3. Mustafa Kamel Ali Afifi (3 years imprisonment)

4. Mohamed Ali Abdul-Latif al-halisi (life imprisonment)

5. Lotfy Ibrahim Ismail Khalil (death sentence)

6. Ahmed Abdel Meneim Salama Ali Salama (death sentence)

7. Ahmed Abdel Hadi Mohammed al-Saheimi (death sentence)

8. Sameh Abdallah Mohammad Yusuf (death sentence)

EgyptWatch has had access to the case files of Case 325/2015, and there are clear contradictions in the dates of detaining the defendants and the date of the crime in which they are charged. The files report that the defendants underwent enforced disappearance, with documented dates of disappearance of the defendants with evidence of telegraphs that were sent by the families. The files also report the severe torture the defendants underwent and that confessions were extracted under duress.

EgyptWatch demands the immediate halt of this trial, fearing the fate of the Arab Sharkas case in which six young men had their death sentence executed. Evidence in the Arab Sharkas case also showed similar conflicting information which showed that all six were innocent and were charged and executed on trumped-up charges.

EgyptWatch asserts its rejection of military trials for civilians and urges the military not to ratify the sentences and instead to refer the case to retrial before a competent civil court with due process guarantees.

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