Egyptian court sentences five activists to death

May 23, 2016

The Mansoura Criminal Court sentenced five defendants to death on Sunday on charges of killing the son of a judge, EgyptWatch has learned.

The court, led by judge Mohamed Fattouh Allam, issued five preliminary death sentences, pending the approval of the Grand Mufti. The final verdict is scheduled for 17 July.

Three of the defendants are in custody while two received the sentences in absentia.

The defendants in custody are Ahmed Maher al-Hindawi, a student at the School of Engineering at Mansoura University; Al-Motaz Bellah Ghanim, a student at the School of Business Administration at Mansoura University; and Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Fattah Metwalli, owner of an IT company.

The defendants face charges of premeditated killing and membership in a banned organisation.

According to the family of the defendant Ahmed Maher, he was arrested from Cairo Airport in February 2015 and was forcibly disappeared for six days. He was tortured in custody to force him to make the confession that he had killed the son of a judge. Ghanim, another defendant, disappeared for 20 days and was subjected to torture before he was referred to the general prosecution.

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