Egyptian court acquits 3 year old child charged with resisting authorities and theft

July 27, 2016

Nasr City Court dropped a prison sentence against a 3 year old child on Monday July 25, Egypt Watch has learnt.

The child, Ziad Hassan Qanawi, had been charged with “resisting authorities and theft” and sentenced to two years imprisonment in two separate cases.

Ahead of the verdict, the court had heard from the child’s lawyer, Mahmoud Shenawy, who presented his speech to the court while carrying his client on his shoulders, pushing for the invalidity of the ruling based on the child being outside the scope of punishment, in accordance with Article 94 of Law 106 of 2008 which states:

“Criminal responsibility shall not apply to the child who has not reached the age of twelve (12) years at the time of committing the crime.”

Shenawy added in his presentation to the court, that Ziad, who has not yet reached three, is not capable of committing such crimes as the ones he was charged with, thus invalidating the criminal case against the child.

The child remained on the shoulders of his lawyer as he gave his presentation to the court. Ziad was silent throughout the trial and looked right and left searching for his father who sat away from the bench. Great relief was expressed by Ziad’s father upon hearing the rule of acquittal for the case.

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