On-duty police guard killed by his superior in Dakhalia

May 26, 2016

A police guard named Mohamed Ahmed al-Tantawi belonging to Tahway Village, in Dakhalia Governorate, who was assigned to guard the Mansourah University Hospital was killed by his superior while on duty.

The incident according the testimony of the victim’s brother:

On the day of the incident, my brother was assigned to guard a generator in Belqas Centre. He was receiving a call from a military official for investigative purposes as he was accused of stealing a mobile phone. When he went (to receive the call) in the company of a security officer, they engaged in a verbal spat and the officer fired at him and he fell down dead. This is what happened and this is why a report was drawn up under the serial number 5482 of 2016.

I had received a message from my brother which read as follows: “Reda, if anything happens to me, know that the one who fought with me is the reason (for my murder).” After that message, I continued to call on the number until someone answered the call. When I said that I was the police guard’s brother, the person on the other end confirmed that a police officer had indeed killed my brother. He said that the body was in al-Azhar University Hospital in al-Mansourah. When my uncle went there, he came to know that the body had been transferred to the morgue and they did not allow him to see the body. When we arrived, we insisted on seeing the body and we saw clear indications of gunshot wounds on his head. When we got angry, the Director of Security and Security Forces intervened and asked us to take the body with us and that they would bring charges afterwards.

The Director of Security and Security Forces attended the funeral of my brother and suggested that my brother had committed suicide. He tried to cover up the crime which was committed by a senior officer. We were shocked to know that the crime has been covered up despite the fact that the officer had intentionally murdered my brother because he had filed a report against him exposing corrupt practices of police officers.

The victim’s brother has appealed to the Chairman of the People’s Assembly and the Minister of Interior for urgent assistance and protection from the Director of Dakhalia Security, the Assistant Director of Dakhalia Security, Assistant of the Minister of Interior for East Delta, Detective Inspector of Dakhalia, the Governor of Dakhalia, the Warden of Mansourah First Section and the Head of Investigation, Mansourah First Section – because all of them have covered up the crime of his brother’s murder committed by an officer of the ministry.

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