Detainee dies of medical negligence whilst handcuffed to hospital bed

August 16, 2016

A detainee from Gamsa prison in Damietta, Ibrahim Salem Hashish, died following the deterioration of his health condition. He was taken to hospital where he died, whilst handcuffed, on the afternoon of Friday August 12.

Hashish, 58, was an Arabic language teacher and he has a brother, doctor Gumua Hashish, who is also detained.

Security forces had detained Ibrahim Hashish for more than a year and a half on trumped-up charges of murdering Ammar al-Remal, who opposed the military coup.

His health had deteriorated as a result of his frequent transferral between prisons in Damietta and Port Said before his final transferral to Gamsa. His health condition worsened as a result of the absence of appropriate equipment that his health required.

The family of the deceased had requested a pardon on the basis of his health. They provided certified documents confirming his liver cancer, but authorities refused to pardon him. As a result of this refusal, Ibrahim Hashish died handcuffed to a hospital bed in Al-Azhar University Hospital in Damietta.

The independent human rights organisation, Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, in Egypt had issued a statement in June documenting violations that occurred between June 8, 2014 and 7 in June 2016, reporting the documentation of 1,083 cases of extrajudicial killings committed by security forces.

Places of detention also witnessed the killing of 239 civilians, the torture of 1,031 people, and 597 cases of medical negligence.

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