The detainee Ahmed Othman faces death inside Burj al-Arab Prison

May 26, 2016

A complaint was received from detainee Ahmed Othman’s wife, who says that her husband is a detainee in the Burj al-Arab Prison and faces the same fate as that of ‘Badr Shehata’ who was killed inside the disciplinary chamber as a result of torture and medical negligence in that very prison.

She further said that her husband who has been in detention for more than a year was arrested pending investigation in the case which is known in the press as the ‘Medina Munawwarah Case,’ and that he has been suffering from failing health involving continual fainting for the past week.

The prison administration has ignored his condition and has not transferred him to the infirmary despite his deteriorating health condition. Othman’s wife said that during her latest visit, she discovered that he had suffered a stroke after undergoing an echocardiography which was carried out by the Prison Administration. The latter in turn denied Othman having suffered any disease altogether in a statement given by the Director of Infirmary, Dr Emeil Sameer.

After consulting a civilian doctor and notifying him of the analyses and tests, he confirmed that the patient was indeed suffering from a stroke and needed to be transferred to a hospital immediately for echocardiography. The detainee’s family demanded from human rights organisations to intervene in order to save the victim who is being subjected to slow death inside the prison walls.

Othman’s wife accuses the Burj al-Arab prison administration of trying to kill her husband using slow-death methods.

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