Despite his health deterioration, prison doctor refuses to treat detained patient

June 23, 2016

EgyptWatch has learnt of a new case of deliberate medical negligence by a doctor named Ali Mana’i in the treatment of the detainee Sharif Samak, whose health has seriously deteriorated in Tanta prison.

The doctor who works as a Consultant Cardiologist refused to perform a Cardiac cathetarisation procedure on Sharif who has been suffering from heart attacks, despite the prison administration’s approval for the operation and the transfer of the detainee to hospital.

Sharif is an accountant and has been detained in Tanta prison for more than two and a half years. During this period, he has suffered a number of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

Sharif’s family hold the doctor, Ali Mana’i responsibile for the life of Sharif, and call for civil society and human rights organisations to exert pressure in order that he receives the necessary health care.

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