Citizen beaten to death at hands of security forces in Egyptian village

July 15, 2016

An Egyptian citizen was beaten to death by police officers while being arrested in Beheira Governorate on Tuesday July 12, a human rights group reported.

According to the Istanbul-based group Human Rights Monitor, Mahmoud Ali Abdul Majid Hameed, 42, was killed by the officer Ahmed al-Sisi and security forces at Hosh Essa police station in Beheira Governorate. They beat Mahmoud to death while arresting him in front of the people of his village.

EgyptWatch has not been able to reach the family of the victim or have access to his picture.

An eyewitness said that the forces from Hosh Essa Police Department raided Mahmoud’s house to arrest him, although Mahmoud’s family asked them to postpone his arrest because he was sick and had just underwent an open-heart surgery a few weeks ago, and was due to undergo a cardiac catheterisation the following day, which rendered his health very fragile. However, the leading officer of the campaign did not respond to the pleads of his family and insisted on capturing Mahmoud.

The eyewitness reported that after Mahmoud was taken from his bed to the police station, immediately after he was taken out of the police car, a particular officer, named Ahmed al-Sisi, began to severely beat Mahmoud, with the other forces joining him, until he died.

Hospital sources in Hosh Essa confirmed the arrival of the body of Mahmoud Hameed amid a state of alert in the hospital, with security forces causing a frenzy to prevent the photographing of the body that was kept in the hospital morgue.

The hospital revealed that they faced intense pressure from security forces to falsify the medical report that the victim died as a result of the beating and that his death was due to a heart attack.

The victim’s neighbours protested his unjust killing on Wednesday. The protest was marred by clashes with security forces which dispersed the protest using tear gas and rubber bullets. Below is a video of the clashes, as published by the independent news site Arabi21.

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