Children in a juvenile penal institution protest their ill-treatment through an open-ended hunger strike

October 6, 2016

Detained minors at the Marg Penal Institution for Juveniles announce the start of an open-ended hunger strike to protest mistreatment and abuse by the institution’s management, officers and wardens. In a letter that Shehab Center for Human Rights published, they made a number of demands.

Message from inmates at the Marg Penal Institution for Juveniles:

To our people, state officials and all defenders of human rights…

Please help us achieve our fair and simple demands. We announce that we have started an open-ended hunger strike, because the conditions and atrocities inside these walls are unbearable.

We demand as follows:

1 – Stop the beatings, insults and humiliation of inmates by officers, so-called “specialists” and prisoners acting as the “self-governing” committee.

2 – Allow inmates freedom inside their “wards”. Do not seek to control them. Do not treat them as if they are robots.

3 – Do not allow “specialists” or prisoners acting as the “self-governing” committee to ban inmates from going out of the wards.

4 – Select more suitable prisoners for the “self-governing committee”. They should not be oppressive or unjust. They should be capable of managing the “wards”.

5 – Do not ban foods and canned goods from entering the wards.

6 – Extend duration of visits to two hours.

7 – Put political prisoners in one “ward”. This, in fact, is the most important requirement.

We, the detainees at Marg Penal Institution will not abandon our demands or give up on the hunger strike.

We urge our families outside to support us.

If our demands are not met, we will begin to escalate.


Source: Shehab Center for Human Rights

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