Freedom of speech

Street Children

May 31, 2016

Brief description of the case:

  • Atfal al Shawarea (Street Children) are an Egyptian satirical group known for their viral videos mocking social and political issues.
  • Accusations against the band include “co-founding a group that aims to topple the regime and spread false news that can harm public interest and incite the toppling of the regime.”
  • The band was questioned over it’s video which mocked the controversial island transfer deal between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  • The group released its first video in January 2016 mocking the style of religious radio shows in Egypt.
  • Their last video, which led to their arrest, mocked General Sisi.
  • Egyptian social media users launched a trending hashtag #الحرية_لأطفال_الشوارع (Freedom for the Street Children) calling for the band’s release and posting selfie photos with mobile phone cameras, in a symbolic show of solidarity with the band’s selfie video clips.
  • In a satirical response to General Sisi’s speech in which he said “we are not afraid”, Egyptian social media users launched a hashtag titled “Are you afraid of this phone camera?”


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