Detention of minors

Sohaib Emad

May 31, 2016

Brief description of the case:

  • Emad was beaten and assaulted in front of his family as forces destroyed the house’s contents before taking him to the Mansoura first precinct.
  • He was subjected to torture to confess to crimes he did not commit including forming gangs to attack policemen, striking a university professor, setting fire to a police vehicle, possessing an unlicensed firearm and Molotov cocktails and disrupting peace and general stability.
  • Emad has suffered from rheumatic bone pains and arthritis. His patella was dislocated and after several pleas to security forces (over four months), he was taken to a hospital and received surgery on his knee (29/09/2014). He was returned to prison without appropriate medical care.
  • Emad routinely received orders of renewed detention of 45 days pending investigation. His detention was renewed for 125 days in total, before his case was referred to the Mansoura criminal court.
  • Now 17, Emad is resigned to a wheelchair; his leg failed to heal after his surgery due to the lack of physical therapy.
  • “Due to the conditions in detention, humidity, overcrowding and sleeping on the floor, his other knee now suffers the same fate,” his Mother said.
  • Emad has yet to receive a sentence in the case, which involves 42 other defendants.
  • Demands for his release, based on his medical condition, have been rejected by the court.




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