Extra-judicial killing

Shaimaa el-Sabbagh

August 17, 2016

Description of case:

  • Shaimaa el-Sabbagh was a member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party after the 2011 Revolution. She was known among her friends as “the voice of the revolution”.
  • She was heading, with around two dozen marchers, to Tahrir Square to lay flowers in memory of those who died during the 2011 Revolution, on the eve of its fourth anniversary.
  • Shaimaa el-Sabbagh died from three birdshot wounds fired by an unidentified weapon at close range, an official autopsy report stated. She died from heart and lung lacerations and bleeding from the chest.
  • Her final moments were captured on camera. Although the footage went viral on social media, authorities imposed a media ban on reporting her death and the investigation.
  • Lieutenant Yassin Salah Eddin, was convicted of killing Shaimaa el-Sabbagh and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.
  • Witnesses who attempted to give investigators their account of the incident were charged with assaulting police officers and taking part in an illegal demonstration. They were later acquitted following international pressure.
  • Shaimaa el-Sabbagh was one of more than a dozen protesters who were killed after police cracked down on demonstrators marking the anniversary of the 2011 revolution.



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