Detention of minors

Mazen Mohamed

August 15, 2016

Description of case:

  • 30 heavily armed security forces raided Mazen’s home in the early hours of September 30, 2015. After searching Mazen’s belongings, he was blindfolded and taken away. His mother was promised he would be returned home after they questioned him at the police station.
  • Mazen was forcibly disappeared for a week: it was not until October 8, when his family learnt of his whereabouts.
  • Mazen said that after his arrest, he was interrogated in First Nasr City Police Station in Cairo about his membership to the Muslim Brotherhood, his participation in protests and the names of other protesters.
  • When he denied the claims, Mazen described being repeatedly beaten, raped with a wooden stick and given electric shocks, including on his penis, until he was willing to “confess” to “anything just to stop the torture”.
  • Mazen said National Security officers forced him to memorise ‘confessions’ admitting to belonging to the group, participating in protests and printing flyers inciting demonstrations. He was warned he would be tortured further and his parents would be arrested if he retracted his ‘confession’.
  • After he was transferred to the Second Nasr City Police Station on October 7, Mazen said the torture intensified and that his anus was injured as a result of repeated rape with a wooden stick.
  • Despite informing the prosecutor details of his torture and his lawyer requesting that Mazen be examined, the prosecutor charged Mazen with belonging to a banned group, protesting without authorisation and printing flyers inciting protests. He was ordered to be detained for 15 days.
  • Mazen’s detention was repeatedly renewed: he spent the first 10 weeks of his detention confined in an overcrowded cell containing adult prisoners; then he was transferred to Giza Child Centre on December 13, 2015, following a statement from Amnesty International.
  • Following international protests and public pressure about his continued detention, the prosecutor ordered his release on January 31, 2016 while still charged.





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