Kareem Hamdy

May 25, 2016

Brief description of the case:

  • Hamdy was charged with taking part in anti-government protests.
  • He was tortured at Matareya police station before he was referred to the public prosecutor.
  • Hamdy informed the prosecutor of his torture, but his testimony was ignored. Instead, he was charged with “possession of weapons; affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood; and violence” and returned to Matareya police station.
  • The Homeland Security officers again tortured him until he died.
  • Although the preliminary medical report indicated that Hamdy had committed suicide, the forensic report indicated that he had suffered from fractured ribs, bruises and severe bleeding from his head, chest and testicles. He had injuries to the neck, chest, hands, legs, and knees, with lung and heart contusion.
  • As a result of media coverage over this case, Egyptian authorities launched an investigation into Hamdy’s death and arrested two police officers on charges of torturing him. However, the Cairo Criminal Court released them both on bail.


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