Death sentence

Ibrahim Azab

May 31, 2016

Brief description of the case:

  • Upon his arrest, Azab was accused of the same charges from which he had been acquitted in March 2011. He was then added to another case, “Killing the Guard case,” in which he was accused of possession of weapons and murdering a police officer [Azab is one of eight defendants sentenced to death in the same case; 13 others were handed a life sentence].
  • Azab was subjected to horrific torture, including electrocution and severe beating that led to breaking his teeth and ribs. He was forced to confess to committing murder in a video testimony broadcasted on national television.
  • His lawyer Ahmed Helmy tweeted that when he met Azab he was shocked by the signs of torture he found on his client: “Ibrahim Azab was sitting on a chair in front of the prosecutor. He was, however, sitting with difficulty because of his tortured body. When the prosecutor asked him to move from the chair to a sofa, Ibrahim could not move. He had broken arms and ribs.” According to his brother, Azab also had cigarette burns on his back and arms.
  • Following his death penalty, a campaign #SaveIbrahim was launched to stop his execution.
  • An Avaaz petition has gathered 19,215 signatures in opposition to his death penalty.



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