Enforced disappearance

Giulio Regeni

May 31, 2016

Brief description of case:

  • Regeni was a visiting scholar at the American University in Cairo. He was conducting research in Cairo on the development of independent trade unions in post-Mubarak and post-Morsi Egypt
  • Anonymous security sources report that Regeni had been detained by security forces prior to his death. This was denied.
  • According to a post-mortem, Regeni was tortured for several days before dying from a broken neck.
  • According to Italian forensics, Regeni’s body had seven broken ribs, broken upper arm bones and shoulder blades, signs of electrocution on his penis, brain haemorrhage .. His body also bore signs of cuts from a sharp instrument suspected to be a razor, abrasions, bruises and burns. Regeni’s tormenters also cut off his ears and tore out his finger- and toenails.
  • Regeni’s Mother said upon seeing his face: “On Giulio’s face I saw all the ills of the world.”


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