Life sentence

Gehad el-Haddad

May 24, 2016

Brief description of case:

  • Gehad is standing trial in two high profile cases: the “Rabaa Operations Room” and the “Grand Espionage” cases. On 16 June 2015, he received a life sentence in the latter case. It has been ratified by the Mufti, but is now being appealed.
  • The prime charge facing Gehad, according to case documents, is “communicating with the West against Egypt’s national security.”
  • According to his family, the sole evidence presented to support this charge is Gehad’s visit to Norway in April 2011 as part of an Egyptian multi-party delegation. The visit was organised by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs aiming to “promote cultural exchange between youth and mutual knowledge and understanding” according to a statement issued by the Ministry.
  • In Al-Aqrab prison, Gehad was prevented from any family or lawyer visit for the first 15 days without reasons. Since February 12, 2014, his family is able to see him from behind a glass barrier using a monitored phone.
  • He is denied the rights to hug his children or see their images through the glass barrier.
  • Gehad is detained in the same prison as his father. They are only 10 meters away and yet separated with four gates and cannot see each other.
  • On 24 February 2016, Gehad started a hunger strike in protest against the inhumane prison conditions.


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