Death in custody

Dr Tarek El-Ghandour

May 16, 2016

Details of his case:

  • Dr El-Ghandour was charged with protesting without permit.
  • In April 2014, a judge at the Police Academy Court in Cairo sentenced him to five years imprisonment.
  • He suffered from liver dysfunction and heart failure.
  • In his final 3 months, his health was deteriorating. El-Ghandour slipped into a coma for 24 hours and bled for six hours from his oesophagus until he died. He did not receive any medical aid.
  • His family revealed that there had been numerous requests to transfer him to a specialist centre, but the authorities refused.
  • His daughter said: “If they had given him medical attention they would not have left him to bleed for six hours without doing anything about it.”
  • Many activists accuse Tora prison authorities of deliberately “killing” him.
  • Dr El-Ghandour was acquitted in May 2016, one year after his death.


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