Medical negligence

Dr Mohamed Abdel-Ghani

May 16, 2016

Brief description of the case:

  • Dr Abdel-Ghani is charged with protesting and having membership in a banned group.
  • He was held in pre-trial detention for 32 months before he was sentenced to three years imprisonment in August 2015; the sentence was ratified in February 2016.
  • Dr Abdel-Ghani suffers from weakness in his heart muscle. He has undergone several heart surgeries, the last of which was in 2005. His condition requires special medical attention.
  • His health has deteriorated due to medical negligence by prison officials. His heart efficiency has dropped to only 20%. He also has a herniated disc; anaemia; kidney dysfunction; and has suffered significant weight loss (he now weighs <50kg).
  • Despite his poor health, prison officials refuse to transfer Dr Abdel-Ghani to hospital for treatment.
  • The family has accused Zagazig Prison administration of premeditated murder. They warn that the continued lack of medical care could lead to his death.
  • Zagazig Prison is one of the most condensed prisons, with as many as 43 detainees in a single cell with an area of 4*6 metres, and 22 in a 3*3 metre cell.


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