Death sentence

Ahmed Salama

July 29, 2016

Brief description of case:

  • Charged in the case of the bombing of the sports stadium in Kafr al-Sheikh in which three military academy students were killed on April 15, 2015.
  • Ahmed was arrested from his advertising office with his friend. His friend was later released and reported that Ahmed was being tortured.
  • Ahmed’s wife sent telegrams to the prosecutor general and local prosecutors, requesting information about Ahmed’s whereabouts.
  • For more than two months, Ahmed’s wife heard nothing of her husband. On May 6, she learned that Ahmed was being held at a nearby Central Security Forces camp. When she visited the camp and he was brought out, he seemed unable to walk on his own, and his nose was broken, she said.
  • “I almost died several times,” Ahmed told his wife.
  • In March 2016, seven defendants were sentenced to death in the Kafr al-Sheikh stadium case, four of whom were in custody, including Ahmed.
  • Ahmed is now held in solitary confinement in Alexandria’s Borg al-Arab Prison.



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