Press freedom

Abdullah al-Fakharany

May 15, 2016

Brief description of case:

• Abdullah was arrested because he was covering and following up the events of the Rabaa massacre.

• Charges were fabricated several days after his detention, including being a member of an unlawful organisation; inciting violence; vandalism; unlawful gathering; sedition; disturbing public peace by spreading lies and rumours about Egypt.

• Abdullah was deprived his basic legal rights when he was denied prompt access to his lawyers and relatives, and was denied the opportunity to challenge the lawfulness of his detention following his arrest. He has been questioned without lawyers present.

• He was sent to Istikbal Tora Prison with criminal prisoners and was subjected to beatings, death threats from officers, and denied food.

• Later he was accused of being involved in the ‘Rabaa Operation Room’ case and received a life sentence on 11th April 2014 [The case included 51 defendants, 37 of whom were handed life sentences, including 14 journalists and media workers. The remaining 14 were handed death sentences]

• Amnesty International declared that the journalists were sentenced in an “unfair trial”, as they were convicted of “politically motivated” charges, including “broadcasting false information.”

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