Assault on hunger-strikers in Wadi prison

July 12, 2016

Families of detainees jailed at the Wadi al-Gideed prison have reported that the prison’s security forces have assaulted a group of detainees who had been on hunger strike for more than 20 days. The aim of the assaults were to force the inmates to break the strike, EgyptWatch has learnt.

The families said that some detainees were injured as a result of this brutal attack, while others were rehoused with criminals.

A number of detainees at Wadi al-Gideed went on hunger strike over 20 days ago in protest at the poor conditions in which they live inside the prison, in contravention of all prison regulations. It is reported that water is cut out for them throughout the day, and every seven hours it returns but only for 30 minutes, which has caused many obtains to develop skin diseases.

Prison management have also prevented detainees from carrying out any exercise, as well as denying them paper and pens. Additionally, management has denied detainees any heaters to cook, nor any kind of ventilation in the cells which are of an area of no more than 3*4 meters, housing up to 25 detainees.

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