About us

EgyptWatch is an independent advocacy and research platform based in the United Kingdom.


Our vision is a just British policy towards Egypt that enhances the security and interests of both nations.

We raise awareness on the impact of the political and economic conditions in Egypt on human rights, British interests and security, calling for a just British policy towards Egypt. We also provide the latest news and reports of the human rights violations in Egypt. 

Egypt is the largest state in the Arab world. It is central to the region’s future. Its failure/collapse could dismantle the region. As an advocacy organisation, we believe in the direct correlation between the deteriorating human rights conditions in Egypt and the worsening economic and security situations.

An environment of repression, coupled with the absence of the rule of law and accountability, is a recipe for instability in Egypt and the region. Justice and the rule of law are needed for a stable and secure Egypt where British interests would be safeguarded.

Our work is privately funded by our network of volunteers.