44 days since the forcible disappearance of Ahmed

June 15, 2016

Security forces in Damietta are still detaining 26-year old Ahmed Ahmed el-Sayed el-Deeb for the forty-fourth day since his arrest on May 2, 2016, EgyptWatch has learnt. Ahmed, who is a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company from the village of Dargham, was picked up by security forces from a shop in Zahran Mall in Damietta.

The family have sent telegraphs and reports to the attorney general to request the whereabouts of Ahmed, but to no avail. The family hold the Egyptian authorities fully responsible for the safety of Ahmed. They are calling upon human rights organisations to intervene to find out the whereabouts of Ahmed and to call for his release due to his health conditions. Ahmed suffers from typhoid and has low blood pressure.

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