350 sentenced to life in mass military trial

August 18, 2016

An Egyptian military court on Thursday, August 18, sentenced 350 opponents of the coup in absentia to life imprisonment, and the imprisonment of 68 others, who were present, to three to ten years. These sentences were handed out in two cases related to events that took place in Minya following the dispersal of the Rabaa Square sit-in on August 14, 2013.

Khaled al-Komi, a member of the defence team said that “the military court held today in Assiut sentenced 249 defendants in absentia to life in prison, and the three accused in presence were sentenced to three years each, and 47 others in presence to 10 years each. They are accused of storming the Dermwas police station in Minya during the dispersal of the Rabaa and Nahda square sit-ins.”

“The same court also sentenced to life imprisonment 101 others accused in absentia, while ruling 10 years imprisonment on 18 others in presence, in the case of the storming and burning of a government communications centre in Dermwas.”

This verdict is subject to appeal added Komi.

The defendants were referred to the military judiciary early May 2015 with charges including ‘joining a banned group and subversion’ during the events of August 14, 2013, which they all denied.

He continued: “Among the defendants who were sentenced today are those who have been released, or fugitives out of the country, or imprisoned on other charges related to violence. Some of them were arrested on October 14, 2013 following the dispersal of the sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda squares.”


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